Leah Erbe comes from a musical family and is the daughter of two accomplished performers and composers; she is genetically predisposed to write and sing, so it's fortunate that she loves it. Her songs have been featured on "Dawson's Creek", in several independent films, and on the DVD release of "Party of Five". As a singer, Leah has been working professionally for over a decade; she has extensive TV and film credits to her name, most notably the theme vocals for "Earth: Final Conflict" and the IMAX documentary "Under The Sea", and featured vocals for the IMAX films "Spacestation" and "Hubble: 3D".

L'esprit d'escalier, or "staircase wit", describes the moment when you suddenly think of a perfect witty comeback – just after you leave the room. The EP was produced by Haydain Neale, the driving force behind the Juno Award-winning R&B group jacksoul, and a sorely missed friend and mentor. This year, Leah released Smugshot, co-produced by Mike Rocha and Luther Mallory of Crush Luther. Accompanied by a hand-animated video for "Pyre", the EP is a short and sharp glimpse of her musical versatility and her continued dedication to catchy, accessible pop with lyrics worth coming back to.

Leah performs all over Toronto, both as a solo acoustic act and with her band, Smugshot. She has also contributed backup vocals and played bass, guitar and keys for several bands in her hometown of Toronto. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, horror movies, and Scrabble. (Not all at once.)

Smugshot brings Leah's sweet but sharp sound to full-band life with the addition of a keytar, several talented and attractive young men, and numerous pairs of obnoxious sunglasses. You should be prepared for a party, and expect songs about bad breakups, violent death, professional wrestlers, petty victories, wasted potential, reckless endangerment, letting go, and the smug satisfaction of being alive. (Not all at once.)


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